Last week, our partner tts threw their annual event ”tts Forum” in Heidelberg, Germany. Peritum was there to take part of the latest trends within Performance Support, Corporate Learning and Change Management – and to listen to the eccentric and inspiring keynote speaker Sascha Lobo. Below, we have gathered the most important highlights, trends and reflections from the 2017 tts Forum:

  • Sascha Lobo emphasized the digitalization and how much it affects our everyday life. He says that it’s important to understand this phenomenon and actively take part of the development, instead of backing away from it because it’s new and unfamiliar.

  • Regarding the human fear of new and foreign, Sascha said that “people are often open to digitalization and to open up their own personal integrity when there’s something to gain”.

  • Generally, the companies who succeed in change projects work hard to formulate engaging goals and messages. If too little commitment and thought goes into this, the risk to fail with a change project is massive.

  • A joint and new expression from the speakers were “The Bottom Up Approach”, which means that you need to start working and change a part where there is a larger chance of succeeding and where there’s positive and engaging people to work with. Once you’ve succeeded a few parts, more and more will follow, which is the beginning of a successful change project.

  • Regardless of the size and industry of a company, they all face the same challenges finding time and commitment from their co-workers who often feel a resistance towards new processes and ways to work. What they all have in common is that the success rate for those who succeed experience that the longer you work and change, the easier it gets.

The tts Forum 2017 gave us at Peritum a great dose of energy and inspiration from meeting our clients and partners in Heidelberg, and we look forward to a continuously strong 2017 with new and exciting challenges with organizations who need support in their change projects.